Greensboro, NC USA
im a friggin jack of all trades
Dream Car:
Chevrolet Camaro 1969

Car Club:
crushin dreams crew
underground performance (Employee)

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rushin dreams crew representative....party rock crew memeber! Hoodstatus clothing designer

If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.

I am a man of the new south...but different from one you many think a southern man is. I don't hide my frame under 6x white tees and a crisp fitted.I don't talk with and over exageratted accent because it's what's hot. I listen to more than one genre of music.I know it's more to life than thuggin it on the block.I'm different,special,and proud to be southern.I might not die here but i will be buried here. I love a good country ham sandwich and a cheerwine. I also like plum sake and sushi. I drink OE but preffer guiness. I got rockawear.....collecting dust...in my closet as i have a fresh pair of non baggy non saggy guess,or true religion jeans and a affliction shirt waiting to be worn. I march to the beat off a different drummer while everyone else is still dancing to the same beat......I am Seven...Live it,love it,learn it. I work hard for my money,I enjoy simple pleasures and manage to be a socialite in my city{even though I'm trying to leave}

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Nissan 240SX 1991

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