Dave Gewecke

Arvada, CO USA
Retired, Working part time as a driver
Dream Car:
Ford Thunderbird 1957
Stock appearing '57 Thunderbird with updated drive train, suspension, and amenities for touring bolted in so it can be stock again if I decide. I'm building it as my current project.
Car Club:
FOMOCO Owners Club

tbirddg's Bio

Gearhead since I was in grade school in the '50's. I'm retired from owning a fast food restaurant.

My dad was a mechanic. He was always finding cars that wouldn't run, buying them for almost nothing, getting them running and selling them. The interest in cars rubbed off on me, but not much of the mechanical aptitude. Takes me a long time to get very little done.

Previous hobby car was a '61 Galaxie Starliner that we kept for 18 years logging 75,000 miles.

Currently nearing completion is a '57 T'bird, 'cause my wife and I both like it.

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Ford Thunderbird 1957

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