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Chevrolet Corvette 1963
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Rochelle, IL, USA
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I sure hope you meant bad in a good kinda way, LOL. Sorry, the wagon-vette did not have power locks, or enough rust, so I had to pass. LOL.

12/11/2010 @ 11:39PM


DeKalb, IL, USA
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@Winning Ride - Would love to do Gulf Livery, it's a sickness I have I think most cars would look better in those colors. However, with the Gold Wheels and Hood Grilles, I'm not thinking that would work well. I have however been thinking about Matte White lately... @ Wagonman - "Willyrex"...just sounds bad, though not suprising considering the source. ;) Can't believe you passed on the Vette Wagon, would have been an awesome home for the big block, and the wheels definitely "had it going on." In all seriousness when this crappy weather breaks, I need to get some parts ordered for the truck!

12/08/2010 @ 10:43PM


Rochelle, IL, USA
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We can call it "willyrex"

12/08/2010 @ 10:53AM


Rochelle, IL, USA
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Time to put the WRX drivetrain into the old truck

12/02/2010 @ 02:32PM

Winning Ride

Sycamore, IL, USA
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Needs more Gulf livery.

12/02/2010 @ 02:07PM


Dekalb, IL, USA
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Auto Meter

10/22/2010 @ 12:52PM