woodbridge, NJ USA
Car enthusiast
Dream Car:
Nissan Silvia 2000

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E-Shift Performance

NickMoy's Bio

Nick noticed his love for automobiles at the age of 13 when his brother and his friends got their first vehicles which were minitrucks. Nick watched his brother customize his Chevy S10 and at that point knew he wanted to have a custom car of his own.
At age 17 when Nick got his first car, he started by doing mobile audio installs and changing it up every few months in his car. Nick learned on his own how to install mobile audio electronics in his 1987 Oldsmobile. Nick then got his uncles hand me down 1995 Buick and did a full audio/video install from scratch. Nick’s Buick was dated and needed a change.
In 2002 that all changed and Nick purchased a 3rd generation Nissan Altima and has bitten by the mod bug since! Nick joined Nissanclub.com and gained lots of knowledge of all of the bolt on parts for his car. In 2004 this was a nice daily driven custom car for Nick.
At the end of the 2004 season the car was taken off the road for its first major overhaul and over the winter months the whole car was disassembled for the first time by Nick where he chromed/polished every suspension part, redid the stereo and installed a body kit.
In 2006 Nick showed the Altima and received multiple awards for Best Of Show, Nissan, Undercarriage and displayed vehicle. Nick finished up the 2006 season by driving his car down to Miami Florida for HIN. At this show it was a big wake up call for Nick with his car and decided when the car returned home to NJ, it would begin another transformation. Also in 2006 Nick joined Infamous Creationz car club where he organized the first car show for the club.
During 2007 Nick did a wire tuck (the first ever done on a 3rd gen Altima) and sent his car out to E-Shift to have them perform an automatic to manual swap (first ever done on a 3rd gen Altima). Nick also became President of Infamous Creationz car club where he planned the 2nd annual car show for the club.
The build continued into 2008 and Nick’s car was then sent to Azevedo Motorsports to receive a custom paint job and body work. After the bodywork was complete Nick then sent back the Altima to E-Shift to install a custom exhaust and fuel cell. Nick also landed his first sponsor RacingLine Performance. Nick assisted in creating and organizing the Summer Showdown car show series, Assisted with finding a contestant for “Car Wars” TV show series on the Speed Channel. Nick also assisted with creating I.C.E. that organized car show events for local businesses.
An opportunity came available for Nick in early 2009 to be sponsored by RIX Magazine for the upcoming season. RIX assisted with sponsors for the Altima such as Cadence Acoustics and Cooper Tires. Nick sent the Altima to Design Tech were the entire interior and Cadence gear was installed. Finally, the car was sent to GrafX where the wild graphics were installed. Nick debuted the car at HIN NH and later that year Nick’s Altima got an opportunity to be shot for a feature in Performance Auto & Sound Magazine for the Feb/Mar issue of 2010. Nick’s Altima was also featured in various ads’ for Cadence Sound. Nick also organized car shows to raise funds for Lou Gehrig’s Disease
In 2010 Nicks Altima had a three page feature in Performance Auto & Sound Magazine, he had the opportunity to have his car be featured on February’s Calendar for Mishimoto and also had a feature of his Altima in RIX magazine. The last event Nick’s Altima was featured in before the final build began, where his car was displayed at the New York International Auto Show.

Car was on display at the 2010 New York International Auto Show
Car featured in Feb/Mar issue of Performance Auto & Sound
Car featured in issue 29 of RIX magazine
Car featured on Mishimoto calendar for February
Partnered with E-Shift Performance to build the worlds first RWD 3rd Gen Nissan Altima
Car debuted at HIN in New Hampshire
Partnered with Cadence Acoustics
Parterned with Cooper Tires
Partnered with RIX Magazine
Organized car shows to raise funds for Lou Gehrig’s Disease
Team President of Infamous Creationz Car Club
Partnered with RacingLine Performance
Assisted with organizing the Summer Showdown Car show series
Assisted with creating I.C.E. that organized car show events for local businesses
Assisted with finding a contestant for “Car Wars” TV show series on the Speed Channel
First Nissan Altima to be converted from automatic to a manual
Team President of InfamousCcreationz Car Club
Assisted with organizing the “IC End of the Year Car Show”
Assisted with organizing the first Car Show for Infamous Creationz Car Club
Spokesperson for Infamous Creationz Car Club
Best Undercarriage at FMF Atlantic City NJ
Assisted with organizing a caravan from NJ to HIN Miami

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