Buenos Aires, NY USA
Professional IT
Dream Car:
Ford Falcon 1980
Finally get running my Falcon w/EFI, to be honest, with SEFI (Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection)
Car Club:

Summit Racing (Customer)

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A car lover since I was a kid, my family always loves ford and I grew up with falcons. A falcon was my first car, and I still have it and restoring. I bought others cars, like focus/mondeo, but still have special feelings with my falcon and I never gonna sell it.

I'm a technician in electronics, and in last few years I'm converting the 221" 6L to electronic fuel injection w/megasquirt.
I'm also a photographer, so I hope you like my pictures.

I'm here to make friends and try to help if I can. Cheers...!

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Ford Falcon 1980

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