Louisville, KY USA
Certified Pharmacy Technician, CPhT
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Chevrolet Chevelle 1969
I would love to do a twin turbo efi 455ci in my cutlass. It would definitely be different than the norm and that's what I like...that's why my cutlass has taken the path it's on so far because there's not many around with a setup like I'm running.
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Street N Strip Performance (Customer)

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I am a 28 yr old married man with a beautiful one year old girl, however my first baby is my '87 Cutlass Supreme. I've had it for almost ten years now and have pretty much reworked everything but the body, paint, and some suspension parts. This car has went from a bone stock whimpy 307ci, to a speed demon carbed 355ci, to the latest version: 355ci custom holley stealth ram efi setup with BBK 1100cfm throttle body, Aeromotive A1000 pump and filters with all AN lines front to back. This EFI has a level IV custom tuned PROM from TPIS as well as there 30lb svo injectors. The throttle response is unmatched and this heavy car can eat quick mustangs for lunch!!!!

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Oldsmobile Cutlass 1987

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