Huntington Park, CA USA
retail sales man /dj/mechanic tech
Dream Car:
Chevrolet Camaro 1969
new z06 swap ..
Car Club:
castillos engine rebuild so cal . lozadas transmissions so ca .dsw customs (Employee)

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my names gus i have own a 1993 camaro for about 2 yrs i been 2nd owner on the car i owen couple car along the road and they been gone =[ this car its been the only survivor lol but all its been tuff building it from scratch its been a good hobby for my dad and i like wakeing up early going to swapmeets and going to junk yards looking for parts and bumming it for gar to hit the track feals good going fast pretty mutch it for now cant wait to turn it in to a drag car and just drive a big truck and dragging it to the track although is fun driveing it on the street only thing that suxx is THE COPS .. pulling you over all the time for a modefide exhaust or as they say you car is too loud asking me how old am i lol tooo mutch fun .................. THE END

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Chevrolet Camaro 1993

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