Salisbury, PA USA
heavy equipment operator
Dream Car:
Pontiac GTO 1969
69' Judge, 4 speed, ram air IV...had one in 77' and let it go...
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Groundpounder's Bio

Love paint and body work..I've been painting cars since age 17..I've restored a few cars and trucks over the years...also painted alot over the years as a hobby/extra cash kind of thing.I even had my own shop for a while. I like playing with power, and also mild customizings of my cars. I love old trucks and fast cars. Right now i own a 71' Chevelle, 63' Grand Prix, 78' F-150, 01' Road King, 06' 300C, and 01' Jeep Grand Cherokee as my daily driver.

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Chevrolet Chevelle 1971

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