Pete Pettenon

Monee, IL USA
Own a Restoration Shop
Dream Car:
Cadillac DeVille 1956
Engine is a 468 big block chevy with an 8-71 blower topped with two 1050 Holley dominators. Custom valve covers and custom carbon fiber accents throughout. Backed by a turbo 400 trans. Custom home-made exhaust that still exits through the rear bumper. Chassis is a tri-5 chevy front frame section lowered with disc brakes and a power steering rack. Rear frame section is a competition engineering back half with a strange narrowed nine inch Ford rear end. Rear tire size is a 33 x 22.5. Body has been modified with a 3 inch chop in the front and a half inch chop in the rear of the roof. Shaved handles and locks as well as some of the un-necessary trim. The rear quarter skirts have been molded in. Car still retains a full trunk. The interior still has most of its flare from 1956, with some carbon fiber accents and a custom made center counsel. Also, small custom touches here and there.
Car Club:
Frankfort Car Club
Xcaliber Auto Restorations (Employee)

Badillac's Bio

I have been fortunate enough or one of the lucky ones to be able to build my own “Dream Car”. The Badillac is my vision of a hot rod pro-street car and what I consider to be my version of “old school.” The caddy was mostly built on my Friday nights and on my own time, drinking beer with my buddies. A lot of my friends guided me through my vision, it's good to have a “peanut gallery”. Even though I do own a restoration shop (Xcaliber Auto. Restoration), in New Lenox, IL, I chose to do this on my own time due to time constraints with running a business. So it has taken me 6 yrs. on and off to build, but I truly love to do what I do, been building cars my whole life. If ya want to see the “whole build” start to finish, check out

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Cadillac DeVille 1956

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